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About Us

 Janine and Ian Russell own and operate Good Fortune Herb Farm on a few acres in Hygiene Colorado. They have taken their creativity, love of medicinal plants, farming and the restoration of the land and put that passion into running their small farm. 

Janine comes from a family of farmers and botanists. She has loved plants since she was small and has spent a lifetime learning about how they grow best and their beneficial medicinal properties. She loves blending teas, making salves, tinctures and soap and working with the plants.

Ian is an outdoor enthusiast and creative guru. He spent his childhood in the woods along the Appalachian trail and brings that love of the woods to their small farm. His creative talents are unlimited and go from tea making, carpentry, mechanic to artistic director. He is the farm visionary and head problem solver.

Together with their 2 daughters they have been working for the last 9+ years to breathe life back into a neglected piece of land in Boulder county. They use all organic growing methods, low/no till, biodynamic, and regenerative agriculture practices.

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